Monday, May 26, 2014

The Goddess of Moon

Cold dewy meadow, on a cloudy night
Wind blew my shawl away, but
Alone I sat, by the quiet
Flowing stream and looked up into the sky
Just to see the half lit moon
Crawling back into the warm cloudy blanket.

As she crept back into the floating clouds,
It was darkness again, all around
But I could still see the stars and 
The glitters in the stream, dancing with joy.

Sparking flow, the life of the meadow
And I knew the stars still twinkled
But for some reason, I didn't care to listen
To the voice of their courtship,
Reflected by the stream, on the quiet sad night.

A cold wind blew, shivering, realizing that I'm naked
Stood up,closed my eyes and
Raised my arms, up into the sky
The wind grew stronger and me, trembling
And yelled, 'Mother nature, Still testing? Dare, try breaking me'.

On my temple, one cold rain drop.
Then a hundred, it thundered and rained, so
Hard that it hurt, my skin
The chilly winds and the rain.

Went down to my knees, eyes still closed
A smile on my face and no care for the world
Slowly, faded away the rain and then, there was a thunder
And I opened my eyes, looked up
And saw her standing, a smile on her face

Except for a belt of silk, she too was naked
But not a drop of water on her smooth skin
Offered me her hands and there, I stood up, in nature
She looked at my feet and went down on her knees,
Pressed her smiling cheeks against my thighs.

Wind blew her long hair, and I
Placed my hands on her shoulders
Told her 'Rise', took her in my arms and walked
Back to my place, to sit but now, my love, she 
Was on my lap, her face buried in my chest.

She breathes me in, and I smiled
Wrapping her up in my arms,
Looked into the stream
Saw the moon shining with a smile.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Is it for You or Myself That I Cry?

Centre of the hallway I stood,
lone in the crowd.
Closed my eyes and
raised my hands, up high.
People stopped,
looked up with curious eye
then smirked and said,
"Some Lunatic!"

just a cry for help, but
flows quiet, the crowd.

Monday, October 21, 2013

In other life.

Your lips, your smile.
The way you rest
peacefully on my chest
Your laughter, you giggle
Held my hand tight
When our son was born.
The king of the cross roads,
Take my worthless soul
All i want is this poem
To be true, to hold her safe
Safer than the treats in my eyes.

Friday, March 1, 2013

She .... End?

And someday, I hope,
She will look back 'n
Realize that, for her,
I was the one ... but still ..
Now me, a stranger to her,
My mask smiling at her
And she would smile back,
Unable to see the real tears.
And I will just stay still,
Smiling.. till she just vanish.

P.S: This is the second part of 'She', as per the request of a friend. TY for your love.
        For the first part, click here.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Not a day has gone by
Without her thoughts, her laughs and
The way her eyes shone with her smiles
The warmth I felt when she held me tight

Fate, you may say, although
I never deserved her and I knew that all along,
She is the best. my love, my life
But now I hope I never had met her
The pain, her love - the sweet pain I loved,
But still never I can let her smile off my mind.

Before I'm burned out away, I just
Wanna see all her wishes come true.
Hope she smiles.
And I'll, then, only then, I can.

This poem is incomplete
Just like my life without her.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The couple

He closed his eyes, loosened his grip and let himself fly away, away where its leading him, hoping to see himself in another plane in a few moments. For the first time in his life, he let things go, let all those things and people that held him bound to flow. He was now in full control of his mind but he was sure that he could enjoy that only for a moment. As he took a deep breath and closed his eyes to contemplate on himself, he saw his wife, his first love, his old parents, his business partner and best friend, all the Gods he have prayed since his childhood, an endless list that held him bound to his earth.

His life went off the track into madness when he aimed big, so big that he never could have dreamt of. Reaching for the stars, he now remembered how he forgot his old, illiterate parents, who gave their life's sweat for their son and how easily, in a small sentence, he cut off his teenage lover off his back, when he felt that she was weighing him down and without a speck of guilt in his conscience, married a rich girl.

His life went on smooth, and was as he planned till he found his business partner cheated him out of his rightful share and he now, enraged and frustrated, starts his Ducati to go discuss the situation with his attorney, his loving wife. Reaching home, finding his wife on knees in front of his partner, naked, in their kitchen, his hands calmly slit both their throats with a swing of the 9" steel kitchen knife. Then slowly he went to living room, put three ices into his scotch and sipped it. He drank till evening and now fully drunk, he started his Ducati for the ride of his life. As he collide his bike onto an incoming truck, he prayed for the first time in a decade or so.

The newspapers printed the sad story of a young entrepreneur, his unfaithful wife and the little stunt of his. People read it with a smirk on their face, laughed at him and in a few days, forgot the incident. But very few ever noticed that months later he opened his eyes, in an ICU of the state hospital and realised that he had not quite yet paid off his debts, and fate left back his half-dead body and the pale khaki colour of the police officer's uniform through the glass door.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mine, She

Deep from sleep, a bright sunny day
opening my eyes, me a happy man and
My hands, still dreaming, searches for her
Vacant, her side of our bed, cold
And me, coming back to my senses
closes my eyes, a sweet sense of loss.

Still feels like yesterday, there she was
Soft warm body and her playful smile
Warms me inside-out while her sweet lips
fills me with love and onto her, I held tight.

Never in my life, I had something so real
And I'll cherish her love, till my last breath. But
Now her laughs 'n warm hugs, I really do miss
And as I remember, when I held her in my arms,
Close to my heart, my eyes closed
I felt myself for what I am
And her warm breath and the feeble heart.

I know, none of these verses, that I,
here do scribble could do her right
She was to me .... (No! She is to me),
Someone I never can just write.

Every breath I take, it doesn't feel right
Without her dreams, my life, I do hate
Hope some day, I'll break away from this cage
Meet her and make love to her
For now, I do lack courage.